Simjet has delivered recruitment and selection solutions to airlines and the Australian Defence Force for over 8 years. We design a bespoke recruitment and attraction strategy, allowing your organisation to focus on core business – flying.

How do we fulfill your crew requirements?

  • Crew sourcing via specific marketing strategy and crew contact list
  • 360-degree screening – a 3 phase screening program giving you detailed information to select the best candidates. 

Outcome - Quality candidates to commence your internal review and engagement.


  • Full or partial recruitment, selection and screening
  • Contract pilot assessors providing evidence-based assessments
  • Screening system compliant to IATA guidelines
  • Simulator provisions including assessors
  • Target marketing and advertising relevant to your operation
  • Motivation and attraction
  • Consulting to review and establish best practise recruitment and selection


Business case 1

Large international airline – through implementing IATA pre-screening services and a candidate management system, we saved the airline approximately 40% on recruitment costs.

Business case 2

Implementing Simjet’s customised recruitment solution with evidence-based selection skills testing allowed a major airline to put 4 check Captains back online performing critical check and training functions. Also, by using a third-party simulator, this airline returned approx. 40hrs per month simulator time back for training functions.