Airline Preparation Skills Session

Get the edge over other candidates to practice your upcoming airline interview.

Our simulator is a Full Flight – Zero Motion Boeing 737 FTD1 with control loading giving you the most realistic experience for your skills development.

Session availability changes regularly, so don’t delay!  Contact us via email or phone to make a booking – 07 3371 5737 or

Total Session Time – 1 hour

This session will give you up to 1 hour to practice your airline recruitment profile, be sure to bring the profile with you. Our instructor will assist you in flying the profile and operate the simulator systems. We will also provide you with a short briefing on the aircraft and what to expect in our simulator.

Total Session Time – 2 hours

Guided by an experienced instructor in airline recruitment, these sessions are tailored to cover the skills required to practice for your upcoming Airline Interview Simulator Assessment – remember to bring the profile you’ve been given.

We’ll provide you with a brief and debrief of the session along with any recommendations and suggestions for any simulator assessment.

Total Session Time – 3 hours

A popular choice amongst pilots.

Our experienced and qualified Simulator Instructors will provide you a thorough briefing in the concepts of the simulator profile, aircraft knowledge and the techniques involved to ensure you perform at your best!

This session will provide 2 hours of flying time in the simulator, so you can perfect your skills and cover all aspects of the profile. We will utilise the airline profile you’ve been provided or our general airline testing profile to cover the key areas of most assessments.

Pilot Aptitude Practice Test

Utilising COMPASS©, a computer-based pilot aptitude assessment program used by many airlines and flight schools around the world, we offer both Ab-Initio, Advanced Candidate Practice Tests and Checklist Professional Pilot (personality) tests. 

We provide a debrief after completion of the practice test to discuss results and any areas of concern to you and potential ways to improve.

Compass Aptitude Test (cadets) $295 (inc GST

  • Test duration approx. 2 hours

Compass Aptitude Advanced Test (licensed pilot) $349 (inc GST)

  • Test duration approx. 2 hours

Checklist Professional Pilot (personality test) $295 (inc GST)

  • Test duration approx. 1-1.5 hours

Aptitude & Personality Bundle - COMPASS + Checklist Professional Pilot $529 (inc GST)

  • Both tests must be booked on the same day
  • Test duration approx. 3-3.5 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

The tests include:
✈ Complex Control Task: a test to fly an ILS while handling the rudder pedals and speed settings.
✈ Professional knowledge: a number of questions and situations to test the pilot's theoretical comprehension.
✈ Mathematics: a test of basic applied mathematical understanding and speed.
✈ Memory: accuracy of short-term memory recall and ability to 'chunk’ information.
✈ Task Manager: a test of the candidate’s ability to scan the screen and manage two concurrent tasks accurately and quickly.
✈ Orientation: instrument interpretation, comprehension and spatial orientation.
✈ Aviation-English: test English language ability, including recognizing ATC sound messages.
✈ Verbal Reasoning: the ability of the candidate to understand, analyse and logically interpret written information.

The basic session allows you to fly an airline interview profile and practice with a ‘sim buddy’. We provide a sim operator to assist with repositioning and aircraft state etc, and assist with any multi crew requirements in the profile. They do not give any feedback or advice on skills or abilities. The standard session offers more interaction from the instructor, briefings and feedback on your performance.